Life Size Realistic Japanese Vagina and Ass

utensil-race-hipUtensil Race Extreme ($399)

A remarkably realistic vagina and ass toy from Japan that features the ultra life-like quality of a premium sex doll but in the form of the hips, vagina, and ass only.

The toy employs a new technology which makes it feel as though you are pushing through layers of real vagina sugar walls in order to get at the virgin hymen of this sweet Japanese girl.

Prop this sexy Japanese butt up against a pillow and go in balls deep from behind! Can also easily be fucked in every position imaginable.

Real Penthouse Sex Dolls

Penthouse have produced the first truly lifelike sex dolls for under $1,500. These sex dolls are simply amazing!

Incredibly realistic CyberSkin life-size bodies and pretty and detailed faces, modelled on real Penthouse models, these sex dolls are the first affordable real sex dolls in the world. Click on the banner above and watch these stunning dolls being licked and fucked, then choose which doll you want to do the same to, every day for years!!

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls are a cheap introduction to realistic sex toy masturbation. Highly lifelike fake vaginas that are modelled on the actual anatomy of beautiful young pornstars.

With a Fleshlight Girl you are practically fucking the vagina of one of the most beautiful and desirable girls on the planet. And there are now over a dozen Fleshlight Girls to choose from!

Lifelike Plush Sex Doll – Carly

carly plush dollCarly Deluxe Plush Doll ($700)

Plush dolls are a new type of incredibly lifelike sex doll recently introduced to the USA and worldwide.  Despite being considerably cheaper than silicone sex dolls, plush dolls are both realistic and cuddly.  Carly is one of the most famous ranges of plush dolls in the world – TeddyBears.  Each sells for $700, and for that one time investment you have a realistic lifesize sex doll that is cute and cuddly and yours to do with as you please for life.

Gina Lynn Infinite Love Doll

gina lynn infinite love dollGina Lynn Love Doll ($219)

The Gina Lynn is a lifelike sex doll modelled on the famous porn actress.

What makes the doll so lifelike is the uniquely fully moveable arms with orbital sockets, and the Futurotic pussy, anus, nipples, and mouth.

Put Gina in the doggy style position while pulling her arms back behind her as you slam her!

Lifelike Silicone Sex Doll from Japan

The Love Doll Sweet Body from Japan

doll sweet body

A new range of ultra-realistic silicone sex dolls from Japan and one of the most lifelike yet made.  The Sweet Body Love Dolls are noted for their lightness and pliability, making them amongst the easiest to pose of all lifelike premium sex dolls.  Soft and young looking faces, nubile hips, but with very juicy and large breasts for you to suckle on as you hold these sweethearts close.  Now available to order from the USA, Europe, and elsewhere direct from Japan.

Most Lifelike American Sex Doll

The most amazingly lifelike American sex doll was released to the public last month – at a much cheaper price than any of its silicone rivals.  Named MyDoll, the beautiful sex doll is an investment that might last you a life-time, a trusted companion who you can fuck and adore to your hearts content forever.